5 Effective and Completely Safe Diet Plans That Work

Dieting can be a powerful tool to reclaim power over your health. It can allow you to go about your day with more energy and know you are making an active attempt towards self-betterment. But there are also a lot of fad diets out there that can cause your body more harm than good.

It can be difficult enough to know the best foods to help you lose weight and even more difficult to stick to a diet plan. So we have compiled a list of 5 Effective Diet plans that are also absolutely safe. No crash starvation or harming yourself to drop weight. These are diet plans that are designed to make you feel better and enjoy your meals.


Plant-Based Diet

This might seem like going vegetarian. And in a way it is. But many people seem to misunderstand the positive effects a purely plant-based diet can have on the body.

It is 100% possible to get all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to survive from plants. This includes protein. The diet has a success rate of nearly 90%. The biggest factor that contributes to weight loss for this diet is the fact plants have more fiber than other foods. So you will stay fuller for longer. This is a great diet to eliminate the desire for snacking.


The Paleo Diet

This diet is a popular but often overlooked one. It is about eating foods similar to that of our ancient ancestors. So nothing processed. It also removes grains, sugars, and milk. These are all things our ancient ancestors did not have access to.

It puts an emphasis on lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts as well. The idea is you are engaging in the natural life cycle of the planet. The way our bodies were designed to. While you may feel some discomfort as you adjust, soon you will feel fantastic.


Ketogenic Diet

For those looking for a healthy weight-loss method, the Keto diet is a fantastic choice. Backed up by a lot of research, the idea is you consume foods high in natural fats, but avoid carbs.

Your body naturally burns fat as a source of energy. But natural fat burns quicker and healthier. This is a rigid diet plan that must be kept to, along with regular exercise. But you will soon find your weight is converted into lean muscle in no time, along with you feeling generally better.


The DASH Diet

Too many products contain sodium these days. Known more commonly as salt, it is difficult not to consume it. But too much salt is bad for you, as too much of anything is.

The diet encourages you to avoid foods with a high, or even medium sodium content. It instead wants you to get more natural vitamins and sugars from fruits and veg.

This diet is a great one for anyone with heart conditions, hypertension, or other health issues related to eating. It is one of the most recommend diet plans by doctors.


Dubrow Diet

There is a huge difference between starving yourself and fasting. Intermittent fasting is actually an extremely useful and healthy tool when done right. This is how the Dubrow Diet works. You fast for 16 hours and then eat for 8. This means you will get to eat at least once a day.

You do have to consume all your daily meals within the 8 hour period, and the diet is based around non-processed foods. The idea is your body gets used to eating less often, reducing the habit of snacking, while also filling you with healthy, nutritious foods when you can eat.