How to Switch to a Fully Plant Based Diet with Ease

If you have access to the internet, then you have probably seen the videos floating around of how meat is prepared and how some of the meat products that you know and to eat regularly are created. If you have seen these videos, then naturally you may be thinking that maybe meat isn’t for you anymore. If you haven’t seen these videos, you may still be in a period of your life where you are questioning whether or not you want to continue to eat meat as a part of your diet. After all, meat is not exactly great for the planet and the way in which it is sourced is incredibly cruel.  


Why are people switching to a plant-based diet? 

You may have noticed a steady increase in the number of people that are switching to a plant-based lifestyle and you may be wondering, why are so many people doing it? Well, aside from the obvious guilt that is associated with eating meat there are a lot of benefits that come with living a plant-based life. Living on a plant-based diet has been scientifically proven to increase your lifespan and make you an overall healthier person. Cutting back on fatty meats improves the health of your internal organs and even improves their function. On top of that, you can get involved in the meat-free community and even enjoy the names of plant-based foods that are usually just far-fetched plant puns that are made to make you laugh.  

How can you make the switch easier?  

If you are serious about changing to a plant-based diet, there are things that you can do in order to make the transition easier. First of all, we recommend that you don’t just switch overnight. It is likely that you have been eating meat and animal-based products for the majority of your life and so just quickly making the switch will not be easy. Imagine a smoker trying to quit overnight after they have been smoking for the majority of their life, it simply wouldn’t work.  

We recommend that you gradually introduce a plant-based diet into your life, as this will make the process of going completely plant-based much easier. To start off, we recommend that you dedicate your weekends to plant-based eating, and then when you are ready, you can change it so that your weekdays are for plant-based eating and your weekends are for meat. When you are completely ready,  you can then transition to a lifestyle that is completely plant-based.  

It is important that you don’t feel discouraged if you slip up or make mistakes at the beginning of your plant-based transition as it is only natural to submit to your cravings from time to time, just pick yourself back up and continue on your plant-based journey. 

Make sure you’re eating foods you like 

Thanks to how mainstream plant-based diets are becoming, there are now plant-based diets to essentially any meal. This means that you don’t have to give up the food you love completely, as you will be able to easily find an alternative that will work for you. 

In particular, there are a lot of plant-based meat alternatives that offer you plenty of nutrients as well as delicious tastes. This means that you don’t really have to switch up your current meal plans too much, which is another thing that prevents people from pursuing the meat-free life that they want to have. We recommend that you make the transition as convenient as you possibly can, as this will make the process of ditching animal-based products much easier.  

Find some good plant-based takeout 

Another thing that a lot of people miss when they go vegan is the luxury of being able to eat whatever they want whenever their friends get take out. We recommend that you find out where all the best vegan take-out spots are in your area, as this means that when you can not be bothered to cook, you will have a good alternative.

How Healthy Eating Drastically Improves your Skincare

For a lot of people, ensuring that they have a good skincare routine and taking measures to look after their skin is very important. Having good skin can help improve your mood and self-confidence, as it is something that you look at every single day in the mirror and your face is not something you can hide from others. There are a lot of factors that can both positively and negatively impact your skin; things as simple as drinking enough water, getting 8 hours of sleep a night, and reducing stress can all positively impact your skin. Aside from using high-quality products in your skincare routine, one of the other most important factors to consider when trying to get nice skin is your diet and how healthy it is, as having a healthy diet can drastically improve your skincare. If you are interested in finding out how keep reading!

Keeps skin moisturized

Eating foods such as fatty fish and avocados can help make skin appear thicker, more supple and moisturized, thanks to the high presence of omega 3’s, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. When these vitamins and minerals are paired all together it results in the skin being hydrated, strong and healthy, something which you will notice in no time if you make an effort to include such foods into your diet. This paired with using high-quality products, such as those from the private label skin care collection, will help you to feel so much more confident in your own skin.


Helps protect skin from bacteria

Exposing your skin to bacteria in the air and on your hands can cause bad skin, and even acne, which is why it is important to take extra steps in protecting your skin from all forms of bacteria. In a lot of cases, acne is caused by bacteria and is a form of acne that is more difficult to clear up than others such as fungal, which is why it’s important to reduce the chance of getting it in the first place. Some foods like walnuts that contain zinc can help to form a great protective barrier from bacteria, helping to reduce any inflammation or the number of spots that you get and generally improving the overall appearance of your skin.


Reduces chances of skin cancer

One of the biggest benefits of healthy eating to your skincare is the fact that some particular foods contain a compound called sulforaphane. This is a compound that has been found to prevent sun damage as it protects against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Broccoli is just one of the many vegetables that can have a huge impact on your health and skincare in general, as they contain antioxidants, which are crucial for the normal development of skin cells and have a healthy skin tone, making your skin look healthy and glowing.


Those listed above are just a few of the many benefits to your skincare that come with eating healthily. There are a few aspects of your diet that may be causing problems with your skin, such as the amount of sugar, alcohol, and dairy products that you consume. Foods such as these are all linked to the triggering of acne and if this is something that you struggle with, you may want to consider changing up your diet to reduce the amount you eat of such foods. Of course, it’s very difficult to completely change up your diet in a day, but if improving your skincare is something that you want to take seriously, then using good products and slowly improving your diet is the best option.

Why You Should Start a Food Blog in 2021

There are a few years in our shared history that standout for significant reasons. And 2020 will be one of those years that is looked back on in history books and turned into countless TV Movies.

The impact of the coronavirus and lockdown has been seen everywhere. It has been a rough time for millions of people. But not everything about it has been bad. Humans are extremely resilient and adaptable and struggle through.

An interesting side effect was the sudden increase in players on scrabble go! Seemingly thousands of people flocked to the app, entranced by it. Some turning to scrabble go cheats while others soon got bored and moved onto something else to occupy their time. And one of those escapes is cooking!

The Cooking Refire

Cooking is, by no means, a small hobby. Cooking is one of the oldest and most popular pastimes in the world. People spend their lives honing the craft to become world-class chefs. Business owners thrive off the ever-growing industry surrounding it. But thanks to fast-food and restaurants, a lot of people have not taken to cooking in the ways our ancestors did. Many simply see cooking as a means to an end.

But lockdown has revitalized that passion within people. And that is why 2021 is the perfect year to start a cooking blog.

You might be thinking ‘The world is already oversaturated with cooking blogs’ and you are half right. There are a lot of cooking blogs out there, that’s for sure. But cooking isn’t one of those things that can ever be perfected. There is no definite end to it. Every meal is unique based on who made it. And to that end so is every cooking blog.

The Personal Touch

Cooking is as much an art as it is a science. And art is based on the artist. If you ask two cooks to make a dish with the same ingredients, chances are the two dishes will somehow be different and varied enough to make them wholly unique.

And there is a large audience out there always looking for something new and exciting to spruce up their meals. So there is always a viewership for new food blogs.

Starting a food blog will also encourage you to start thinking about your food in a more creative way. If you are thinking about ways to impress people and put your own spin on things, you’ll soon find yourself cooking dishes you never thought possible.

Running a food blog doesn’t just mean cooking though. It also means you get the chance to discuss foods you like and restaurants you have eaten at. You can share all your hot tips, thoughts, and feelings and generally make your voice heard within the food community.

Getting Technical

Like we said. Cooking is an art. But it is also a science. At its core, it is the very epitome of chemistry. And with it, there comes a vast amount of technical knowledge and skills that can be perfected over time. And a cooking blog will allow you to do just that.

When you start writing about your food and the cooking process in greater detail, you will find you naturally start putting more time and effort into your cooking than you did before. This will soon make you a stronger chef with a keener eye and a steadier hand.

You’ll also find that, once you have started your own food blog, you will start naturally reading more blogs in your spare time. Mainly to get tips on how to lay yours out, but also you’ll pick up more technical tricks that you can apply to your own cooking further down the line.

Good Fashioned Fun

The biggest and most important reason for starting a food blog in 2021. For fun! Cooking is incredible. It is a wonderfully fun experience that you get to eat after. And creating a blog is a great way to look back into your past, grow your own skills, meet like-minded people, and just have a blast.

Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it! This should be something you can revel in, not drowning in stress. So oil up your pans and get cooking!

Where to eat and drink in Asheville

What are now ubiquitous buzzwords – farm-to-table, local and sustainable – were ingrained into Asheville’s culinary vocabulary long before they hit the gastronomic mainstream. A burgeoning food scene draws tourists, renowned chefs and even the President of the United States to this mountain town. “There are two things that keep bringing me back here,” President Obama once said about Asheville. “Number one is I really like the people. And number two is 12 Bones.” The President, who sent his Secret Service agents to get takeout on a recent visit, is reported to be a big fan of the succulent fare at this little barbecue joint.

Foodies know to head to Haywood Road in the hipster haven of West Asheville. Two of the town’s top spots for breakfast, Sunny Point Cafe and Biscuit Head, are located here. And don’t be fooled by The Admiral’s nondescript cinder-block exterior. The menu, which changes daily, is well-known in culinary circles as an adventurous palate pleaser. Buffalo Nickel has local chefs and food lovers lauding its craft cocktails and kicked-up comfort food, while King Daddy’s (from the owners of Early Girl on Wall Street downtown) does chicken and waffles any way you like them.

Since TV celebrity chef Rachel Ray put Tupelo Honey Cafe on the culinary map, the restaurant has opened seven satellites in the Southeast, but you can experience the original location in downtown Asheville. The city’s best chefs will tell you that Cucina 24 is a don’t-miss dining experience where the pizza and tasting menu boast equal wow factors. At Rhubarb, acclaimed chef John Fleer has introduced a Sunday Supper, a communal table where diners and farmers come together for a convivial way to sample the area’s culinary landscape.

The Eating Asheville walking tour offers a backstage pass to downtown’s finest restaurants and local favorites from the popular French Broad Chocolate Lounge to Cúrate, where James Beard Award finalist Katie Button heads the kitchen. Channel your inner Oompa Loompa with a tour of the French Broad Chocolate Factory, just minutes away from downtown in Asheville’s up-and-coming South Slope neighborhood.

In the fall, experience the “farm” in farm-to-table when Western North Carolina farms open their barn doors to the public for the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project’s Family Farm Tour. And if you feel like a drive in the mountains, follow the Western North Carolina Cheese Trail to sample local hand-crafted cow and goat cheeses in the Asheville area.

Boasting more than 20 craft breweries, the area’s thriving beer scene has enough going for it to bring the East Coast hubs of New Belgium, Sierra Nevada and Oskar Blues into Asheville’s backyard. By bus, van or foot, brewery-tour options abound.

Festivals year-round celebrate the small mountain town’s vibrant epicurean scene, including the Asheville Wine & Food Festival in August and Asheville Beer Week in May. Those lucky enough to score tickets to a Blind Pig event, Asheville’s underground supper club started by Chef Mike Moore, are in for a real treat. For a more hands-on experience, try a cooking class at DOUGH. Classes cater to all skill levels and tastes, and the popular Thai Cooking class fills up fast.