How to Create The Perfect Kitchen with Limited Space

These days more and more people are testing their culinary skills at home. With hundreds of varied cooking shows reeling in more viewers than TV could ever dream of and millions of recipes one search away, it has become easier than ever to cook and to want to cook. But many of us don’t have kitchens outfitted with thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment – or even a kitchen large enough to hold them. Luckily, with a bit of clever thinking from others in the world, you can fit a lot more into your little corner of heaven creation than you would have thought, without sacrificing a significant amount of the utility a full kitchen could provide.



The most important and ever effective thing to consider is storage. This is the area where you must be most creative, as there is no use buying your giant wok when you have nowhere to keep it! Traditional solutions to this can be as simple as over-head cabinets or large hanging frames, perfect for keeping many extra items and at arm’s reach always! Combining these with corner storage units you can invest huge amounts of useful space seemingly from nothing. There are also more advanced items you can find such as ovens with prebuild storage compartments with specialized equipment designed to slip inside. The best thing I found for my kitchen was a highly modular wall rack designed with large slits and hooks so you can hang every utensil you can think of at any angle you choose, perfect to keep any of your culinary weapons to hand for all occasions.


Alternative equipment

Much of the time you may find that there are extremely large appliances that would just be much more useful if they were a fraction of the size. These are one of your greatest tools for building your perfect kitchen. Not every space can have all the largest and most extravagant ovens built into them, so many companies have come up with smaller alternatives that can pack a huge punch but are inherently much easier to fit into a small space. One of the most increasingly popular examples of this is a countertop induction stove. These can be built into your countertop or even bought as its own portable unit. They are extremely safe as they don’t use any gas or ignition to create heat and are far more easily controllable than a standard stove.

They can also be built into any configuration of sizes and positions and you can have exactly as many as you need. These will revolutionize any small kitchen, no matter how you decide to place them. To continue modernizing and improving your small kitchen, you can also buy convection ovens which come as their own, smaller units which can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. These are extremely powerful units which can often be more powerful than regular ovens, while still retaining the ability to cook on low heat. These do, of course, come with the caveat of far less space in the oven unit, so you may not be able to cook that huge Thanksgiving meal, but the trade-off can easily be worth it. Especially if you intend to cook east Asian food, a small deep fat fryer is ideal if you live alone as conventional units are bulky to store and use, often becoming an issue even in larger kitchens. Hence, the almost miniaturized alternative is brilliant for making your calamari perfectly.


These will be your greatest tools to start designing the kitchen of your dreams in spaces that at first glance might only be able to allow a student to cook basic meals, but really holds all the tools you need to create advanced and interesting dishes just like your favorite celebrity chef.