3 Great Japanese Dishes you Need to Try

Japan is well known worldwide to have amazing cuisine. It’s mainly based around rice so if you’re going to try and make any Japanese meals then you’ll need to get yourself a good japanese rice cooker to make the meals as authentic as possible. Japanese became such a popular cuisine because their meals vary so much as they use over 1500 different ingredients to create a whole variety of dishes. In Japanese cuisine they try to use ingredients that are in season, this is one of the reasons why there are so many dishes, and as they always use fresh ingredients their dishes are more delicious. Many people assume that salmon has always been one of the main ingredients of sushi but surprisingly sushi shops only started serving salmon in the 20th century as prior to this it was deemed unsafe to eat, now however it is a huge part of Japanese cuisine. We’ve found the 3 best Japanese dishes that you should try if you’re wanting to try Japanese food.  


Sushi is the most well-known Japanese dish and is the most consumed Japanese dish. It’s a very iconic Japanese dish and many people instantly associate sushi with Japan instantly. Sushi is usually a small ball of rice that has been seasoned with a delicious vinegar mix and then paired with various ingredients, most commonly fish or for a vegetarian option, vegetables. Alongside this people usually eat their sushi with soy sauce or wasabi sauce as it gives it even more flavor. Sashimi is a very similar dish, except it is only the wasabi sauce and the meat/vegetables, there is no rice in this dish.  


Ramen is another popular Japanese dish; ramen is consumed so much in Japan that they even have museums dedicated to the history of ramen. Ramen is a very simple dish but is delicious, it is wheat noodles in a bowl with sauce and mixed with any other ingredient you choose. As it goes well with all ingredients, this means that ramen never gets boring as you can always create new flavors.  


This is a small dish that may be more suitable as a snack. The dish is created by taking seafood or vegetables and deep-frying them, this is then served with sauce, most commonly Tetsuya sauce.