Before we purchased these buildings in 1987, they had housed a grocery store, a meat market, and apartments for railroad workers.  We used the building for a different business for many years, then leased the spaces to a tienda until May 2013.

During our nine month restoration, we were able to repurpose many of the materials we had been saving for the many years we’ve owned the space.  In the process, we stayed as green as possible.  Our tables were made from old roof timbers that we replaced 28 years ago.  Our rustic wood wall in the rumpus room was created from the subfloors we replaced, and the heart pine wainscoting in the dining room was originally the flooring.

Since much of the flooring had to be replaced, we scoured the country for the right type of wood.  We finally located 120 year old barn wood in Kentucky, and had it planed into the flooring you see here now.  The bar bottom upstairs was made from the apartment doors, including the door knob purse hooks.  At the last moment, we decided on a copper bar top instead of the pine top that was planned.

Our 18 unique chandeliers were hand selected from many sources, and all are vintage — some of them are 95 years old.  They came from all over the globe, including a church sanctuary in London, a department store in Texas and several stately homes.  After rewiring and repairs, they seem to have come to life in their new home.

Along the way, we found a few surprises.  Some were good — like brick walls in unexpected places — and some not so good…  In the end, we feel like our efforts were worthwhile, and we welcome you to relax and enjoy some terrific food, a nice drink and the company of friends.

Rob and Lynn Foster

A heartfelt thank you to Blue Ridge Restaurant Equipment, Elm Construction, Tom Cook and Professional Hardwood Floors.

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