5 Fantastic Dishes That Originated in Australia

Australia is well known for its love of BBQs and sweet treats. People do not exactly plan their holidays to Australia based on its excellent cuisine, but this doesn’t mean that Australia doesn’t offer up some delicious dishes. Australia was a real historic mixing pot during its founding and because of this, the country adopted a lot of dishes from different countries and produced some of your meals. Here are 5 fantastic dishes that originated in Australia.



Vegemite is arguably Australia’s most famous dish. This salty paste is not often eaten on its own, but instead as a thin layer on a slice of toast. Vegemite on toast is a staple breakfast dish in all households throughout Australia, and it’s hard to find someone who isn’t a big fan. Vegemite doesn’t have to just be used on toast, as it can be incorporated into a large number of dishes. A famous dish that is made using vegemite is a veg bake.  A veg bake is a pasta bake that incorporates vegemite with cheese and pasta. This adds some more salt to your average bake and is something that definitely shouldn’t be eaten regularly if you are someone that worries about your cholesterol.



The pavlova is the most well known in Australia. A good way to judge whether or not someone is a true Australian is by how good their pavlovas are. Creating a pavlova is something that is taught from a young age and is something that every grandmother makes ahead of a family meal. Pavlovas are an example of the excellent catering that Brisbane has to offer, as they have been reinvented thousands of times and can be flavored in many ways, making them incredibly versatile.


Tim Tamms

Though this may not technically be described as a dish, it would be impossible to make an Australian cuisine list without including Tim Tamms. Tim Tamms is a childhood favorite that you never really let go of. This chocolatey biscuit can be found in every Australian household and is a go-to when you are in need of a sugary snack. A popular Australian trick is pairing a Timm Tamm with hot chocolate. You can then dip the Tim Tamm in the hot chocolate and let the biscuit melt slightly, making it the perfect winter snack during Australia’s colder months.


Chicken Parmigiana

As you may be able to guess, this dish didn’t exactly originate completely from Australia, but it is still widely considered to be an Australian dish. This is because you can find this dish just about everywhere as it is eaten so regularly by the Australian people. You could walk into a pub and sit down to drink a pint and eat a chicken parmigiana and it would seem perfectly normal, as it is as common as fish and chips are to England. This is really a comfortable dish that you can expect your parents to cook for you once a week if you are an Australian citizen and it’s not hard to understand why it is so loved.



There is no meat available to you that is more Australian than Kangaroo. Though not everybody thinks you should eat it, Kangaroo is enjoyed by many Australian citizens and is a very popular outback dish. Tourists are often eager to try Australia when they are visiting, as you won’t find the dish anywhere else in the world. Even if you don’t agree with eating Kangaroo, there is no doubt that this is a delicious meat that can be used in many ways to make some pretty fantastic food.

The Meat Lover’s Guide to Properly Smoking Meat

When it comes to smoking meat for the first time it can be hard to know what to do, thanks to this handy guide we’ll be breaking down the basics and telling you how to choose the right meat, how to use your equipment, and how to do the actual smoking process. Smoking your own meat is a very personal thing, with the opportunity to personalize the different things you use as you become more experienced. Getting started in smoking your own meat creates a real sense of achievement and is a skill to be used throughout the year, having a supply of home-smoked goods is a real treat which can be passed on through the family.


Choosing the Right Meat

You may be surprised to know that you can smoke anything, depending on what you choose to smoke will decide how long you should smoke your chosen produce. You should think of it in the same way you would if you were cooking the meat normally, something like a chicken will take a few hours to be smoked properly whereas a steak will not require as long in the smoker especially if you like your meat on the rarer side. For your first time smoking, I would say that you would be better off choosing meat that you are familiar with and one that you enjoy. That way you should be able to recognize when the meat is ready as well as being able to taste the difference in comparison to your standard cooking methods.


Smoking Equipment

Of course, before you actually get started with your first attempt at smoking you will have to decide what level of equipment you are going to invest in. For your first attempt, I would recommend using a cheaper, basic barbeque. This has everything you need for a successful smoking session and if you are lucky enough to already own a barbeque will save you a lot of money. You will need some basic barbeque tools that are strong enough to withstand high temperatures, safety gloves, and your chosen wood.


If this isn’t your first time having a go at smoking meat or you are serious about starting this hobby, then you may choose to invest in an electric smoker, although these devices are quite expensive they more than pay for themselves when you start regularly smoking delicious meats. If you are in the market for a new electric smoker then visit https://mycozybackyard.com/best-electric-smoker/, for a review of one of the best models on the market.


Choosing the Right Wood

What many people forget when it comes to smoking meat is how the wood affects the taste of the finished product, professional smokers have been arguing over which type of wood is the best and the answer is that it depends on the flavor you enjoy. Classic oak wood is going to generate quite an earthy taste in comparison to something fresher like pinewood, the best thing to do in this situation is to try different types and find your favorite. You will also find that different woods have different burn times, so you should also consider how much of a type of wood you use during a single session so you can work out which wood is the most cost-effective.


If you want to add more flavor to your meat there is no reason why you can’t add some extras when you start smoking, many people enjoy adding different fruits and vegetables and some herbs and spices to the mix to add extra flavors to the smoked meat.

3 Common Kitchen Issues and How to Fix Them

Whilst the kitchen is the best room in the house, it is also the most problematic thanks to how much it’s used. No one wants to pay to get their kitchen issues fixed all the time so we’ve found out the 3 most common issues and we’ll tell you how to fix them yourself.


Cabinet Doors Not Closing

Everyone hates it when they go to close their cupboard and it stays slightly open. Not only does it make your kitchen look less appealing it can even be a health and safety issue. This issue comes about due to the hinges within the cabinet, luckily it is a simple fix. All you need is a screwdriver, a couple of anti-clockwise turns of the screws and your door will be as good as new.


Unclean Water

Clean water is vital for the smooth running of your kitchen so this issue can be a real problem, you’ll want to get rid of brown well water as soon as you spot it. This can have a few different causes like a buildup of minerals in your pipes, luckily the fix can be as easy as running your tap for 20 minutes and flushing out the problem.


Dishwasher Not Cleaning Dishes

You know that plate you didn’t remove all the food from because that’s the dishwasher’s job? Well, that could be the cause of why your dishes aren’t coming out as clean as they used to. The food that was left on the plate may have been too big for the dishwasher and can cause problems with clogging in the pipes. An easy fix for this is to make sure you give your dishes a rinse before putting them in the dishwasher and that you’re washing dishes with the correct water temperature.

How to Create The Perfect Kitchen with Limited Space

These days more and more people are testing their culinary skills at home. With hundreds of varied cooking shows reeling in more viewers than TV could ever dream of and millions of recipes one search away, it has become easier than ever to cook and to want to cook. But many of us don’t have kitchens outfitted with thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment – or even a kitchen large enough to hold them. Luckily, with a bit of clever thinking from others in the world, you can fit a lot more into your little corner of heaven creation than you would have thought, without sacrificing a significant amount of the utility a full kitchen could provide.



The most important and ever effective thing to consider is storage. This is the area where you must be most creative, as there is no use buying your giant wok when you have nowhere to keep it! Traditional solutions to this can be as simple as over-head cabinets or large hanging frames, perfect for keeping many extra items and at arm’s reach always! Combining these with corner storage units you can invest huge amounts of useful space seemingly from nothing. There are also more advanced items you can find such as ovens with prebuild storage compartments with specialized equipment designed to slip inside. The best thing I found for my kitchen was a highly modular wall rack designed with large slits and hooks so you can hang every utensil you can think of at any angle you choose, perfect to keep any of your culinary weapons to hand for all occasions.


Alternative equipment

Much of the time you may find that there are extremely large appliances that would just be much more useful if they were a fraction of the size. These are one of your greatest tools for building your perfect kitchen. Not every space can have all the largest and most extravagant ovens built into them, so many companies have come up with smaller alternatives that can pack a huge punch but are inherently much easier to fit into a small space. One of the most increasingly popular examples of this is a countertop induction stove. These can be built into your countertop or even bought as its own portable unit. They are extremely safe as they don’t use any gas or ignition to create heat and are far more easily controllable than a standard stove.

They can also be built into any configuration of sizes and positions and you can have exactly as many as you need. These will revolutionize any small kitchen, no matter how you decide to place them. To continue modernizing and improving your small kitchen, you can also buy convection ovens which come as their own, smaller units which can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. These are extremely powerful units which can often be more powerful than regular ovens, while still retaining the ability to cook on low heat. These do, of course, come with the caveat of far less space in the oven unit, so you may not be able to cook that huge Thanksgiving meal, but the trade-off can easily be worth it. Especially if you intend to cook east Asian food, a small deep fat fryer is ideal if you live alone as conventional units are bulky to store and use, often becoming an issue even in larger kitchens. Hence, the almost miniaturized alternative is brilliant for making your calamari perfectly.


These will be your greatest tools to start designing the kitchen of your dreams in spaces that at first glance might only be able to allow a student to cook basic meals, but really holds all the tools you need to create advanced and interesting dishes just like your favorite celebrity chef.

5 Effective and Completely Safe Diet Plans That Work

Dieting can be a powerful tool to reclaim power over your health. It can allow you to go about your day with more energy and know you are making an active attempt towards self-betterment. But there are also a lot of fad diets out there that can cause your body more harm than good.

It can be difficult enough to know the best foods to help you lose weight and even more difficult to stick to a diet plan. So we have compiled a list of 5 Effective Diet plans that are also absolutely safe. No crash starvation or harming yourself to drop weight. These are diet plans that are designed to make you feel better and enjoy your meals.


Plant-Based Diet

This might seem like going vegetarian. And in a way it is. But many people seem to misunderstand the positive effects a purely plant-based diet can have on the body.

It is 100% possible to get all the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to survive from plants. This includes protein. The diet has a success rate of nearly 90%. The biggest factor that contributes to weight loss for this diet is the fact plants have more fiber than other foods. So you will stay fuller for longer. This is a great diet to eliminate the desire for snacking.


The Paleo Diet

This diet is a popular but often overlooked one. It is about eating foods similar to that of our ancient ancestors. So nothing processed. It also removes grains, sugars, and milk. These are all things our ancient ancestors did not have access to.

It puts an emphasis on lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts as well. The idea is you are engaging in the natural life cycle of the planet. The way our bodies were designed to. While you may feel some discomfort as you adjust, soon you will feel fantastic.


Ketogenic Diet

For those looking for a healthy weight-loss method, the Keto diet is a fantastic choice. Backed up by a lot of research, the idea is you consume foods high in natural fats, but avoid carbs.

Your body naturally burns fat as a source of energy. But natural fat burns quicker and healthier. This is a rigid diet plan that must be kept to, along with regular exercise. But you will soon find your weight is converted into lean muscle in no time, along with you feeling generally better.


The DASH Diet

Too many products contain sodium these days. Known more commonly as salt, it is difficult not to consume it. But too much salt is bad for you, as too much of anything is.

The diet encourages you to avoid foods with a high, or even medium sodium content. It instead wants you to get more natural vitamins and sugars from fruits and veg.

This diet is a great one for anyone with heart conditions, hypertension, or other health issues related to eating. It is one of the most recommend diet plans by doctors.


Dubrow Diet

There is a huge difference between starving yourself and fasting. Intermittent fasting is actually an extremely useful and healthy tool when done right. This is how the Dubrow Diet works. You fast for 16 hours and then eat for 8. This means you will get to eat at least once a day.

You do have to consume all your daily meals within the 8 hour period, and the diet is based around non-processed foods. The idea is your body gets used to eating less often, reducing the habit of snacking, while also filling you with healthy, nutritious foods when you can eat.

Secret Chef Tips to Grilling a Perfect BBQ

In the summer months so many of us host barbecues as a way to have fun, spend time outside with loved ones, and eat some delicious food. However, many of us question whether we are grilling correctly and if there are things we could do to improve. There are many different steps you can take to ensure you have a perfect BBQ but you may be surprised to hear that not all of them involve the food you are cooking, here are some secret chef tips to help you have the best possible BBQ.



One of the most important things to remember when it comes to barbequing would have to be marinating your meats and any other food you plan on cooking on the grill. Because the BBQ exposes your meat to such high temperatures you should always have a marinade on hand to not only protect the food from cooking too quickly but also infuse extra flavor. Marinades should be added to your produce prior to cooking it to give it time to infuse with your meat or vegetables, and any leftover should be added to your food whilst it is cooking. This also ensures your food doesn’t get too dry or tough as the BBQ is so hot moisture evaporates far more quickly than normal methods, if you are not already using marination in your BBQ cooking then I would definitely urge you to do so from now on to give your food a significant boost in flavor and quality.


Choose a Variety of Produce

Another issue that many faces when choosing to cook on the BBQ is the choice of what they feel can actually be cooked, what many don’t know is that pretty much anything can be cooked on a BBQ if you have the right tools. With many people limiting themselves to the same foods, barbecues do have a tendency to become rather monotonous in terms of what is being served. This does not have to be the case at all, why not try broadening the food you are buying and try new things like different kinds of seafood, grilled vegetables, or using new and interesting seasonings and flavorings to add a new taste to your meat. Barbequing is no reason to just serve the classic burgers or sausages and you should be encouraging your loved ones to eat new and exciting meals.


Have Fun With It

Although the food you serve is fundamental to your BBQ is also very important to remember to have fun, your BBQ should be an enjoyable social event, and stressing about food is something that should be avoided. Why not try sprucing up your garden with some novelty decorations or even treat yourself to some funny bbq aprons to let people know you’re the head chef. Having a BBQ is an opportunity to spend time with your friends and family and cooking high quality, the luxury meal should not be prioritized over having a good time.


Don’t Forget the Drinks

With so much focus being placed on the food you serve, many people often overlook the drinks, a nice cocktail or a bottle of wine can make a delicious pairing with your grilled food. The flavors of your marinated meats are so powerful that something fresh and fruity would be a great accompaniment to keep you refreshed. Cocktails like sex on the beach or even a mohito which both contain fruit juices are great for summer and the choice of a drink that you can be sure many would enjoy.


Overall, there are multiple fundamental points to remember if you want your BBQ to be perfect, from drinks to your food choices there are many things you can do to impress your guests in terms of what you are serving. Although all of this is important you must also remember the reason you hosted such an event, to have fun. It is vital you make the most of spending time with your loved ones and if you are lucky enough to have great weather you should be making the most of this too as we all know how quickly those summer months fly by.

The Rising Temperatures in Connecticut are Causing More Rodent Infestations

Connecticut is a beautiful state. While it is often forgotten on the world stage, the wonders of this lush, proud land are many. It boasts some of the most beautiful vistas you will find anywhere. Not to mention the cities within Connecticut are filled with fantastic restaurants, independent shops and markets, and a strong sense of community.

But for all its wonders, Connecticut is facing a two-fold problem that is soon to become an issue across the rest of the United States. Rats!

The Rising Heat

Everywhere you go, you will find rats. While you might not always be able to see them, it is said you are never more than ten feet from a rat at any time. And in Connecticut, this has become an increasingly real fact. But why has the number of rodent infestations nearly doubled in recent years?

To put it simply, the heat. It is no secret that our world is being devastated by climate change. England experiences hotter summers every year. Canada’s frozen tundras are melting by the day. Water levels are rising slightly, but noticeably, every year as well.

And Connecticut is feeling the heat. Every year for the past four years, the summers in Connecticut have reached new daily highs. Sometimes rocking up to 85-86 degrees Fahrenheit. And it isn’t uncommon for the temp to go higher than that at the peak of summer.

The Rodents

Rats love warm spaces. They thrive in them. That isn’t to say they can’t live in colder climates, because they can. But if they have a choice, they will take the lovely, warm, and secure major city with its nice restaurants, hiding spaces, and ever-warming atmosphere.

A new report published by pest control at yalepest has concluded that the restaurant boom of 2018, which saw the service industry double in both the number of restaurants and average customers served per year, is partly responsible for the increase in rats.

In fact, it was originally thought this was the only reason the rat population was increasing. The idea is that more food waste meant more rats.

This was quickly proved wrong as Alaska experienced a similar service industry boom, but has seen only a minor increase in their rat population. It was noted that the average yearly summer temp of Alaska was not rising as much as it was in Connecticut.

The next round of the study saw the pest control firms running regular temperature checks at the sites of the worst rodent infestations. Their conclusions were what we feared most. The areas were experiencing the highest temperature increases, due to the number of buildings or public works, combined with the natural temperature.

Tackling It

All of this sounds terrible, doesn’t it? A State, taken over by rodents as it slowly boils. But it isn’t as bad as it might seem.

While Connecticut is suffering from the worst rodent problem in years, it is also one of the States best equipped to handle it, perhaps only beaten by New York.

The Pest control firms working out of Connecticut are some of the strongest in the world. This is partly due to the fact that America has declared Pest Control an essential service. This means there are a number of strong tax benefits provided to them.

But more than that, it is the Connecticut sense of pride that drives these firms to work as hard as they do. People from Connecticut are ready to step up to the plate and do what needs to be done to make sure their home is the best it can be.

How Healthy Eating Drastically Improves your Skincare

For a lot of people, ensuring that they have a good skincare routine and taking measures to look after their skin is very important. Having good skin can help improve your mood and self-confidence, as it is something that you look at every single day in the mirror and your face is not something you can hide from others. There are a lot of factors that can both positively and negatively impact your skin; things as simple as drinking enough water, getting 8 hours of sleep a night, and reducing stress can all positively impact your skin. Aside from using high-quality products in your skincare routine, one of the other most important factors to consider when trying to get nice skin is your diet and how healthy it is, as having a healthy diet can drastically improve your skincare. If you are interested in finding out how keep reading!

Keeps skin moisturized

Eating foods such as fatty fish and avocados can help make skin appear thicker, more supple and moisturized, thanks to the high presence of omega 3’s, Vitamin E and Vitamin C. When these vitamins and minerals are paired all together it results in the skin being hydrated, strong and healthy, something which you will notice in no time if you make an effort to include such foods into your diet. This paired with using high-quality products, such as those from the private label skin care collection, will help you to feel so much more confident in your own skin.


Helps protect skin from bacteria

Exposing your skin to bacteria in the air and on your hands can cause bad skin, and even acne, which is why it is important to take extra steps in protecting your skin from all forms of bacteria. In a lot of cases, acne is caused by bacteria and is a form of acne that is more difficult to clear up than others such as fungal, which is why it’s important to reduce the chance of getting it in the first place. Some foods like walnuts that contain zinc can help to form a great protective barrier from bacteria, helping to reduce any inflammation or the number of spots that you get and generally improving the overall appearance of your skin.


Reduces chances of skin cancer

One of the biggest benefits of healthy eating to your skincare is the fact that some particular foods contain a compound called sulforaphane. This is a compound that has been found to prevent sun damage as it protects against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Broccoli is just one of the many vegetables that can have a huge impact on your health and skincare in general, as they contain antioxidants, which are crucial for the normal development of skin cells and have a healthy skin tone, making your skin look healthy and glowing.


Those listed above are just a few of the many benefits to your skincare that come with eating healthily. There are a few aspects of your diet that may be causing problems with your skin, such as the amount of sugar, alcohol, and dairy products that you consume. Foods such as these are all linked to the triggering of acne and if this is something that you struggle with, you may want to consider changing up your diet to reduce the amount you eat of such foods. Of course, it’s very difficult to completely change up your diet in a day, but if improving your skincare is something that you want to take seriously, then using good products and slowly improving your diet is the best option.

Why You Should Start a Food Blog in 2021

There are a few years in our shared history that standout for significant reasons. And 2020 will be one of those years that is looked back on in history books and turned into countless TV Movies.

The impact of the coronavirus and lockdown has been seen everywhere. It has been a rough time for millions of people. But not everything about it has been bad. Humans are extremely resilient and adaptable and struggle through.

An interesting side effect was the sudden increase in players on scrabble go! Seemingly thousands of people flocked to the app, entranced by it. Some turning to scrabble go cheats while others soon got bored and moved onto something else to occupy their time. And one of those escapes is cooking!

The Cooking Refire

Cooking is, by no means, a small hobby. Cooking is one of the oldest and most popular pastimes in the world. People spend their lives honing the craft to become world-class chefs. Business owners thrive off the ever-growing industry surrounding it. But thanks to fast-food and restaurants, a lot of people have not taken to cooking in the ways our ancestors did. Many simply see cooking as a means to an end.

But lockdown has revitalized that passion within people. And that is why 2021 is the perfect year to start a cooking blog.

You might be thinking ‘The world is already oversaturated with cooking blogs’ and you are half right. There are a lot of cooking blogs out there, that’s for sure. But cooking isn’t one of those things that can ever be perfected. There is no definite end to it. Every meal is unique based on who made it. And to that end so is every cooking blog.

The Personal Touch

Cooking is as much an art as it is a science. And art is based on the artist. If you ask two cooks to make a dish with the same ingredients, chances are the two dishes will somehow be different and varied enough to make them wholly unique.

And there is a large audience out there always looking for something new and exciting to spruce up their meals. So there is always a viewership for new food blogs.

Starting a food blog will also encourage you to start thinking about your food in a more creative way. If you are thinking about ways to impress people and put your own spin on things, you’ll soon find yourself cooking dishes you never thought possible.

Running a food blog doesn’t just mean cooking though. It also means you get the chance to discuss foods you like and restaurants you have eaten at. You can share all your hot tips, thoughts, and feelings and generally make your voice heard within the food community.

Getting Technical

Like we said. Cooking is an art. But it is also a science. At its core, it is the very epitome of chemistry. And with it, there comes a vast amount of technical knowledge and skills that can be perfected over time. And a cooking blog will allow you to do just that.

When you start writing about your food and the cooking process in greater detail, you will find you naturally start putting more time and effort into your cooking than you did before. This will soon make you a stronger chef with a keener eye and a steadier hand.

You’ll also find that, once you have started your own food blog, you will start naturally reading more blogs in your spare time. Mainly to get tips on how to lay yours out, but also you’ll pick up more technical tricks that you can apply to your own cooking further down the line.

Good Fashioned Fun

The biggest and most important reason for starting a food blog in 2021. For fun! Cooking is incredible. It is a wonderfully fun experience that you get to eat after. And creating a blog is a great way to look back into your past, grow your own skills, meet like-minded people, and just have a blast.

Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it! This should be something you can revel in, not drowning in stress. So oil up your pans and get cooking!

How Storm Season Almost Crushed This Restaurant

Australia is known for being a country of radiant sunshine, gorgeous beaches lined with hunky surfers, and a variety of beautiful vistas. Year-round people flock from across the globe to enjoy everything Australia has to offer. But many people are unaware that, not only does Australia get stormy weather, but when it hits them it hits them hard!

The storm season in Australia is chaotic. Flooding is a serious risk due to the constant rain. Strong winds threaten infrastructure and wildlife is devastated by a combination of everything. Due to the normally dry nature of the country, there are generally unprepared for the worst of the storms.

Morgan’s Steakhouse

Morgan’s Steakhouse opened its doors to hungry Australians and tourists alike a few years back. It took up local headlines with its fresh take on the traditional steakhouse formula, focusing half their menu space to vegan and alternative food options.

It soon claimed a few local food awards and looked into franchising options around Australia. One of the biggest draws of the restaurant, aside from its menu, was its location. The restaurant managed to secure a large section of the property and created a classic Australian outback garden environment around the building. It had everything you would expect, right down to the miniature ceramic lizards and spiders.

But it is this perfectly crafted environment that would prove to almost be their downfall.

The Storm

In 2019, Southern Australia was hit by some of the worst storms in years. Entire weeks were consumed by some of the strongest winds on records and the rain was torrential. It wasn’t long before the small district of Kawana was rocked by the storms.

Kawana Island, a small residential area, experienced heavy flooding, trapping residents within their homes, and pushing recuse operations to their maximum. Meanwhile, Morgan’s steakhouse was busy battening down the hatches to prepare for the worst of it, little did they know disaster was on the horizon.

Due to the artificial nature of the garden decorations surrounding the restaurant, there were less stormproof than the average fauna of the Australian outback. It didn’t take long for the trees to be ripped from the ground and flung into the roof of the building. The structure managed to hold for a short while before the rocks and various decorations were flung at high speeds into the already weakened structure.

All of this combined loosened the roof structure enough that the wind managed to rip the rest of it cleanout from its foundation. Eventually, the storms subsided and peace returned to the people. It didn’t take long for the community to gather together and help to rebuild what was slowly become a local favorite. Most of the damage to the roof seemed irreparable. But Ceilingrepairperth.com.au stepped in a lent a helping hand. Other members of the community rallied together to help rebuild. Seeing the amazing effort put towards them, the owners of the steakhouse decided to use their remaining stock to assist those who suffered from the storms.