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Things produced in the U.S. and thought to be typical of the U.S. or its culture. (Websters)

What this means to us: At Buffalo Nickel, we strive to provide you with a warm and inviting atmosphere, free of pretense. A  place where you can feel comfortable and relaxed as you join us for dinner or drinks. We are a chef driven restaurant providing familiar flavors from many different regions of this great country.   We agree that great food begins with great ingredients. That is why we feel very passionate about forming not just professional, but also personal bonds with each of our farmers and purveyors. We feel this ensures we will receive the very best product possible for all of you to enjoy.

A dash of this belief, mixed with a pinch of advanced culinary technique, and a generous portion of exemplary service in a comfortable setting is Buffalo Nickel’s recipe for a truly enjoyable dining experience. Join us in embracing modern American cuisine and culture!